Adventure Time 10x1

The Wild Hunt

Still feeling guilty over Fern’s death, Princess Bubblegum tasks Finn to protect the banana guard from a monster later dubbed “the Grumbo”. Finn can’t bring himself to slay the monster as he keeps seeing Fern’s face materialize when he’s close to defeating it. Later, Finn meets up with Huntress Wizard (voiced by Jenny Slate) who is also trying to slay the Grumbo and she tries to give encouraging words to Finn. They find the Grumbo’s cave and Finn once again stalls. Huntress Wizard puts herself in harm’s way and Finn imagines Fern in her place and finally slays the Grumbo. Afterwards, Finn and Huntress Wizard casually admit their feelings for each other and realize that the Grumbo was artificially created. Uncle Gumbald plots to create another monster using the remains of Fern.

Adventure Time: S10E01
Sep. 17, 2017

Adventure Time season 10