Adventure Time 10x3

Son of Rap Bear

While at a party, Flame Princess accidentally signs a contract from Toronto stating that if she loses in a rap battle against Son of Rap Bear (voiced by Dumbfoundead) her kingdom will be forfeited to Toronto. She and Finn go meet Rap Bear (voiced by Rekstizzy) who explains that his son literally blew his legs off, frightening them. Despite training, Flame Princess still feels ill-prepared, and so she visits her father, the deposed Flame King (voiced by Keith David). She attempts to mend their rocky relationship, but much to her frustration, her father seems oblivious to the pain that he caused his daughter. Later, at the rap battle, Flame Princess begins to lose her composure, but after seeing the still-unapologetic Flame King in the crowd, she angrily expresses her frustrations with her father in a rap. The track impresses the crowd, and Flame Princess defeats Son of Rap Bear.

Adventure Time: S10E03
Sep. 17, 2017

Adventure Time season 10