Adventure Time 10x4

Bonnibel Bubblegum

When Finn presents the silver cup from “Always BMO Closing”, Princess Bubblegum decides to tell him, Marceline and Jake some more of her history. 800 years ago, a child version of Bonnibel discovers a family photo and decides to create a gum family. She creates Uncle Gumbald, Aunt Lolly and Cousin Chicle to help farm the area. However, her family quickly turn on her with the prospect of “branding” their family. Gumbald creates a juice that transforms those into low minded candy people. Bonnibel fights back, transforming them into her eventual candy civilians and deciding on the title of princess. In the present, BMO reveals where it got the cup.

Adventure Time: S10E04
Sep. 17, 2017

Adventure Time season 10