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Adventure Time 10x7

Marcy & Hunson

Peppermint Butler gives Finn a new sword, the Night Blade. However, he also summons Hunson Abadeer. Peppermint Butler allows Hunson to roam the earth for one day and is restrained from using his powers. Finn and Jake take him to Marceline who is once again annoyed at her father’s ignorance. When Finn and Jake let slip that Marceline has a solo concert for ghosts, Hunson forces his way in. Marceline gives her performance, but it is interrupted by Hunson’s interference. Chicle, who has been following them, instigates a ruckus with the ghosts who proceed to beat up a weakened Hunson. Marceline is also powerless from stopping them, but Finn’s new sword saves them. The group escape and meet with Princess Bubblegum and Marceline and Hunson make up.

Adventure Time: S10E07
Dec. 17, 2017

Adventure Time season 10