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Adventure Time 10x8

The First Investigation

Kim Kil Whan sends Finn and Jake to Joshua and Margaret’s old office after one of his employees get frightened by something. Finn and Jake witness strange ghosts and other sightings as objects move around. Finn suddenly sees baby versions of himself, Jake and Jermaine and gives Jake a wet willy (earlier Jake claimed that Finn had given him one years ago and he denied it). Realizing that the ghosts are time remnants, Finn tries to look for the source while Jake accidentally scares Kim’s employee and sees his own birth from “Joshua and Margaret Investigations”. They discover that one of Dr. Gross’ experiments, Time Bear, had been behind it and fix him with Finn leaving a note for past Joshua and Margaret. While outside, Jake meets his alien parent, is turned blue and taken away leaving a note for Finn that reads “BRB-Jake”.

Adventure Time: S10E08
Dec. 17, 2017

Adventure Time season 10